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Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor Food Truck

A few years ago, it had dawned on us that every time family & friends tried our BBQ, the compliments flowed with each meal be it chicken, pork or beef. Sure, our guests complemented the meat but always asked one question: what rub do you use? We proudly shared with our guests that we make our own rub, which was consistently followed by, “can you make me some?” Roughly in 2016, we started kicking around the idea, with all of the rub I had been making and giving away that perhaps ‘it was time’.

I called a friend of mine, Mr. Ken Bevis, who makes a great BBQ sauce and discussed the idea of creating a BBQ company that sold his sauce and my rub allowing more people to try both of our products. That is when Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor came to life. Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor sounded a whole lot better to me than Mr. Poteet BBQ Co.

Over the next year, time was spent perfecting the recipe, cooking countless meals to ensure that the quality of the rub was consistent and truly complemented the meal that was being cooked. With the recipe perfected, it was time to assemble a team and make the dream happen!

Our dream of providing a locally owned, hand-made and hand-packaged rub began to come to life.

We are proud to present to you: Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor, We currently offer 5 different proven rubs that we are ready to share with BBQ fans across the world.

Original is a sweet rub with an ever so slight amount of heat on the back end that perfectly enhances the natural flavors of beef, chicken and pork (We have tried it on eggs, potatoes and more and it tastes pretty darn good there as well).

Our original Spicy has just a bit more heat on the back end and if you want to turn it up on the spice… Try our Habanero, Ghost & Reaper.

Our packaging was carefully thought out and designed to be simple, attractive and show the quality of the product based on the packaging materials.

We hope you decide to give Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor Rubs a try; they are made to enhance the flavor of your food and not overpower it!

Jon Poteet
Founder & CEO


Kansas City food truck, Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor Food Truck provides amazing Kansas City BBQ for any event. If you are planning a neighborhood event, corporate event, wedding, birthday, family reunion, sporting tournament, car show, concert or fundraiser contact us today.


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